Air Cadet Online Ground School

The pandemic highlighted the value of virtual training as an interactive online learning approach that allows us to deliver training in an equitable fashion to cadets across the country. The virtual method will now be used with Air Cadets applying for the Glider Pilot Training Course (GPTC) and the Power Pilot Training Course (PPTC), making aviation training available to every squadron in Canada.

The Commander CJCR is pleased to announce that, following a competitive bidding process, a contract has been awarded to PAL Aerospace/Moncton Flight College to deliver ground school training via an online and bilingual learning platform. PAL Aerospace/Moncton Flight College is one of the largest and most experienced flight training schools in Canada with over 300 years of cumulative aviation experience.

Any Air Cadet who intends to apply for GPTC or PPTC must complete the entire 45 hours of online ground school and the selection exam by 15 January 2022. Squadrons may continue to offer their own ground school, but cadets may only challenge the examination upon completion of the national online ground school course. The eligibility requirements for the online training are the same as those for the GPTC and PPTC and the course can accommodate up to 4000 trainees at a time, in English or French, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Eligibility requirements for the Air Cadet Online Ground School are:

Minimum Age17 years of age by 1 Sep of year course is taken16 years of age by 1 Sep of year course is taken
Proficiency LevelQualified Level 4 by 30 JunQualified Level 3 by 30 Jun
Minimum Grade CompletedGrade 10 or equivalent (Secondary 4/Senior 2)Grade 9 or equivalent (Secondary 3/Senior)
Physical LimitationsFootnote2Maximum weight 111.13 kgMinimum height 152.4 cm
Maximum height 190.5 cmMinimum weight 40.82 kg
Maximum weight 90.72 kg

There are two streams for the Online Ground School, one for GPTC candidates and one for PPTC candidates. Once registered, cadets cannot be transferred to the other stream. Cadets will complete the qualifying examination for the stream they have been registered into. The CO will recommend successful candidates to apply for GPTC and PPTC based on their performance in their respective examination, up to the squadron’s quota on applications for each course.