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Aviation Quiz

This quiz will aid you in understanding your knowledge of the aviation material covered or part of the reading assigned during ground school. Good Luck!

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Which of the following is correct with respect to the heating of the lower levels of the atmosphere?

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Night as defined in the Canadian Aviation Regulations is:

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When making initial contact with a Canadian ATC unit, the pilot of aircraft C-FBSQ should transmit the registration as

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The dew point is

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In Order to obtain a private pilot license, at least a category _____ medical is required.

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When does an arrival report need to be filed?

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A straight line on a VNC represents most closely:

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When two aircraft are approaching head-on or approximately so and there is danger of collision, each pilot shall.

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If two aircraft are on the approximately the same heading and converging, then _______________________________.

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The bases of low level cloud (strato type clouds) are ____________ the bases of middle clouds (alto type clouds) are ____________ while the bases of high level clouds (cirro type clouds) are _____________.

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No person shall drop anything from an aircraft in flight

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  • When flying VFR by day in a control zone (CTR), the minimum allowable visibility is _________ while the minimum horizontal distance from cloud is __________and the minimum vertical distance from cloud is ____________.

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Demand to produce documentation. Who can demand to see a license, certificate or permit issued according to the Canadian Aviation Regulations?

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Under which of the following conditions is radiation fog most likely to form?

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A VNC chart is constructed using:

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If a glider and an aeroplane are converging head on, then ___________________.

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When not operating over a built up area or open air assembly of persons, an aeroplane may be flown at a minimum distance of __________ feet from any person, vessel or structure

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A steady green light directed at an aircraft in flight means respectively

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An isogonal line is

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When flying VFR in uncontrolled airspace above 1,000’ AGL by day, the minimum allowable visibility is _________ while the minimum horizontal distance from cloud is __________and the minimum vertical distance from cloud is ____________.

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The environmental, dry adiabatic (DALR) and saturated adiabatic (SALR) lapse rates are:

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An elongated area of high pressure is known as:

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Static stability refers to

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Advection fog forms when:

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Runways and taxiways or portions thereof that are closed to aircraft are marked by

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When decelerating on a North-Easterly heading, the compass will incorrectly indicate a turn:

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The “Apron” of an aerodrome

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Two aircraft are on approach to land, the aircraft at the higher altitude shall

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The amount of water which a given volume of air at a certain pressure can hold is determined by its:

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The scale used on VNC charts is:

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A steady red light directed at an aircraft on the ground means

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When does an arrival report have to be filed in respect of a flight for which a flight itinerary has been filed?

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If the outside air temperature and the dew point temperature are close together then:

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A control zone normally extends upwards from the surface of the earth to ____________.

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Air circulates clockwise around a ________ pressure system, and counter clockwise around a _________ pressure system.

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The following is required for VFR flight in class C airspace:

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When two aircraft are converging at approximately the same altitude, which statement applies?

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One nautical mile is approximately equal to:

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Magnetic deviation is:

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The west end of a runway oriented east and west is numbered

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Over non-populous areas or over open water, a pilot may not fly an aircraft at a distance less than ..... feet from any person, vessel, vehicle or structure.

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An airport is

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On a surface pressure chart, areas in which the isobars are closely spaced are likely to experience:

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The manoeuvring area of an airport is that area

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Transponder airspace is

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Which documents should be carried on board while flying on a cross country flight?

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The radiotelephone distress signal to indicate grave and/or imminent danger requiring immediate assistance is

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What distance from cloud shall an aircraft maintain when flying below 1,000 feet AGL within uncontrolled airspace?

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The layers of the atmosphere in order from lowest (closest to earth) to highest are:

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While en-route, within the altimeter setting region, the altimeter should be set to __________________ and if the stations are more than ______ apart, then the altimeter should be set to ____________________.

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You are back tracking on the active runway at an aerodrome for take off and see a red flashing light from the tower. This means:

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100LL gasoline is

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Which of the following cloud types will be associated with steady rain and poor visibility?

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You are flying in the vicinity of an aerodrome and see the flashing red lights from the tower. This means:

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No person may operate an aeroplane less than ___________ feet above the highest obstacle located within a horizontal distance of ___________ from the aeroplane when operating over a built up area or open air assembly of persons.

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The selection of a cruising altitude in the Southern Domestic Airspace should be based on the

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Dynamic stability refers to

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Low Level Airspace is defined as, all airspace

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When two aircraft are converging at approximately the same altitude

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Most weather occurs in this layer of the atmosphere:

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A runway which has been closed is marked with:

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A Control Zone normally is controlled airspace extending upwards from

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Which of the following cloud types are classified as being clouds of great vertical development?

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In the Southern domestic airspace, altitude selection above an altitude of ____________ feet AGL for VFR flights is based on magnetic track.

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