2021-2022 Returning Cadet Registration and Uniform Exchange


Each cadet must complete the following documents on an annual basis to ensure that your cadet personnel file is kept up to date. Cadets returning for the 2021-2022 Training Year must complete and submit the documents listed below to the Administration Officer by email to admino@892snowyowl.org. Once the documents have been submitted, returning cadets and their parents will be required to review and complete an Annual Validation form and return by email.

Please complete the following forms and have them with you for Registration:

Uniform Exchange

Returning cadets who did not complete uniform exchange during in-person registration, please complete the 892 Uniform Size Sheet and submit to the Supply Department by email to suppo@892snowyowl.org and indicate that you did not complete returning cadet registration in-person. This will allow the Supply Department to have your uniform parts prepared and make arrangements for pickup or delivery. Please follow the instructions provided here for completing measurements.

Cadets must have with them any uniform parts which need to be exchanged for a different size. Please ensure that returned clothing is laundered or dry cleaned before exchanging it.

892 Squadron Sponsoring Committee – Squadron Support Fee

The Squadron Sponsoring Committee, the local body of the Air Cadet League of Canada, levies fees to help fund the operations of the squadron not provided by the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces. Parents are requested to pay a $130 Squadron Support Fee to the 892 Snowy Owl Squadron Sponsoring Committee.

Please contact the Squadron Sponsoring Committee Chair by email to make arrangements for payment of the Squadron Support Fee, at 892.ssc.chair@gmail.com.

Your Squadron Support Fee helps to cover the costs of:

  • Facility rentals for weekly and optional training activities;
  • Transportation for optional activities not supported by DND;
  • Trophies and awards presented at the Annual Ceremonial Review in June;
  • Food and beverages at optional activities;
  • Equipment and support for the marksmanship team, effective speaking and debate, and drill team;
  • Registration and admission fees for optional activities;
  • And much more!