Summer Training

Cadet Activity Program (CAP)

Cadet activity programs will be delivered locally without an overnight stay. Cadet activity programs will offer a hybrid of virtual and in-person day training, to not only teach new skills, but to reinforce the virtual training that has been delivered.

892 cadets will attend CAP in Erin, and must be able to travel to and from the training location each day of the program. CAP is delivered over one week for a period of five days. There will be three serials for the 2021 Summer CAP, please indicate on your application which weeks you prefer:

9 – 13 August 2021
16 – 20 August 2021
23-27 August 2021

Cadets applying for virtual cadet training courses must complete an application, ranking their three choices in order and submit by email to NLT 30 June 2021.  Application is found here: Summer Camp Application .

Virtual Cadet Summer Training

Applications for virtual cadet summer training courses have now closed. Thank you to all who applied.