Squadron Staff

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The staff of 892 Snowy Owl Squadron consists of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) officers and NCMs, supported by Civilian Instructors (CIs) and Civilian Volunteers (CVs). The core of the squadron staff is comprised of CAF officers of the Cadet Instructors Cadre Branch (CIC), specially trained to manage, administer and support the Cadet Program in Canada.

892 Snowy Owl Squadron Staff

PositionNameEmail Address
Commanding Officer (CO)Maj Evan Readco@892snowyowl.org
Deputy Commanding Officer (DCO) / Training Officer (TrgO)Lt Tanya Couchtrgo@892snowyowl.org
Senior Instructor (SI)2Lt Matt Peever
Level 1 Officer (Lvl 1 O)CV Catherine Bull
Level 2 Officer (Lvl 2 O)CV Karan Aulakh
Level 3 Officer (Lvl 3 O) / Web AdminCV Roger Parent
Level 4/5 Officer (Lvl 4/5 O)LCol (Ret’d) Morley Armstrong, CD
Administration Officer (AdminO)OCdt Harvinder Sialadmino@892snowyowl.org
Supply Officer (SupO)OCdt Duane Couchsuppo@892snowyowl.org
Assistant Supply Officer (Asst SupO)CI Walter Martinssuppo@892snowyowl.org